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GoodLink Server Information


Instinctively Easy. Amazingly Functional.

As the leading wireless messaging solution for enterprises, Good Mobile Messaging for Exchange® has the look and feel of Microsoft® Outlook® optimized for mobile handhelds. Plus, it provides real-time wireless push synchronization of e-mail, rich attachments, and PIM data.

GoodLink features include:

  • Full Outlook®-like functionality

  • Secure transmission of Medline email, calendar, tasks, notes, and contacts

  • Ability to lookup names on Global Address List

  • Changes on the device (such as read messages, deleted messages, and sent message) will update your messages in Outlook.

  • Handheld choice with support for Palm OS, Microsoft Windows Mobile 5.0 and 2003

  • Open, view and forward email attachments

  • World-wide coverage with Global Connect



Read more about GoodLink compatible personal devices at http://www.good.com/corporateNew/int_handhelds_34.html  


Although any carrier’s GoodLink compatible device will work with the Medline Messaging System, Medline has negotiated a corporate agreement with Sprint that allows for a $200 credit off the retail cost of any GoodLink compatible device, $40.99 a month for unlimited data transfer, and 18% off the voice plan of your choice.  Voice plans are optional.    There is a website that was developed for Medline employees to purchase devices and services from Sprint at : https://www.integratedmobileinc.com/medline


In addition to the monthly service fee for the GoodLink service, there is a one time charge of $70.00 required for a server Client Access License.  This fee will be charged by IS to the division requesting the service.



Note: I.S. will not pay for or furnish Goodlink compatible devices or air time services {NOTE: A special "GoodLink" data service plan needs to be purchased.  Please consult your service provider for all available options.}


Procedure to get activated at Medline:


Step 1: Purchase your device. Purchase service & airtime/usage minutes. (See note above)


Step 2: Obtain a Client Access License. Follow the instructions at this link Goodlink request procedure.


After your request is received you will be emailed a password and instructions.


Help with my Device


Due to the variety of GoodLink compatible devices and vendors, it is recommended that you contact your service provider for assistance with your GoodLink compatible device.